Tel Aviv, Jaffa, & Machon Ayalon

We will explore Tel Aviv-Jaffa,  and learn about the city's history, then head to Machon Ayalon.   

  • We'll spend our day in Tel Aviv with a walking tour beginning in Old Jaffa, rambling through the streets where Napoleon once strolled, learning of its early history.

  • We'll make our way to Neve Zedek (Oasis of Peace), and the first neighborhood in Tel Aviv. Many of the turn of the century houses can still be seen here and its early charm is still quite visible. Aharon Shlush, a successful businessman founded Neve Zedek 22 years before Tel Aviv was founded out of his desire to escape the crowded streets of Jaffa. We’ll walk by the Shlush house, the synagogue that he built to encourage Jews to leave Jaffa, and many other homes of the early settlers in Tel Aviv.

  • We'll visit the Independence Hall, where ben Gurion declared the independence of Israel in 1948.

  • We continue next to Ayalon Institute, or "Machon Ayalon" - this was in fact originally created to fool the British into thinking it was a Kibbutz during the British Mandate. In fact, it was a secret ammunition factory set up by the Jewish underground.


Leaves Daily at 9:00 am 

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