Xplore Israel

Organizing tours for Jewish and Christian groups with centering the discovery of Israel in personal touch.

At Levin TravelXplore Israel we specialise in planning and producing tours for groups of all kinds, interests and sizes: Jewish groups, Christian group, womens groups, youth groups, etc…

Our tours are all customized to meet your objectives and schedule - we will take care of all of your needs and wishes for the tour, and build an itinerary that fits your group, and we do it with a lot of love, and at no extra charge - no matter how many changes you make!


Xplore Israel also offers hiking tours for different levels of skill, fitness and expertise. Whatever your group wishes to do. We have taken many groups with mixed levels of  fitness, so please don’t be shy about pursuing this type of trip. We can offer shorter nature hikes as well as very challenging hikes. Additionally, we offer special activities like paragliding, rock and mountain climbing, jeep tours, camel riding and more...


At night you can choose to camp outdoors and become one with nature, or stay in a hotel and relax. You can sleep like a bedouin in the desert under the stars, or of course you can combine the options. Anything goes. This is your trip!


We will make all hotel arrangements based on your group’s level of comfort and budget. 


So join us and have the unique experience that hundreds have already had…


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