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Israel with family

this division knows and understands what traveling with kids means - and using this knowledge we customize a trip that fits exactly for your family’s needs and with a wide offering of age appropriate activities.

We at Levin Travel - Israel with Family specialise in private family tours, so you can come with your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, young kids, teenagers, and even babies!


No matter what age your family members are - we will make sure that the tour will suit them too, and that they will enjoy it. And that's a promise.


Our tours are all individually designed and are based on your schedule - we will take care of all of your needs and desires for your vacation, and build a personal itinerary, and we do it with a lot of love, and no extra charge - no matter how many changes you will make! Remember, that because it will be a private tour for just your family, we can be very flexible. If you want to linger longer at a certain place, no problem. If you see something of interest as we are driving or walking? We can stop and check it out, too.


We can pick you up at the airport or arrange for transportation to your hotel, your choice. Your guide can be as hands-on and involved as you wish. Your days can be full of touring or have designated down times.  The beauty of this kind of travel is that it is all very flexible. As it be just your family and private, we can change our pace and itinerary as you desire.


Israel with Family offers hiking tours at different levels, special activities like paragliding, climbing, jeep tours, off-road, camel riding and more..

At night you can camp outdoor and become one with nature, or stay in a fancy hotel and relax, you can sleep like a bedouin in the desert under the stars, or of course you can combine the options. Anything goes.


We will make all hotel arrangements based on your personal level of comfort and budget. 


So join us and have the unique experience that hundreds have already had…

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