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Paragliding Israel


Available 7 days a week.

We will arrange for you to be picked up from any hotel in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem by a free shuttle to transport you to the paragliding site, have a wine and cheese picnic, and, most importantly, fly like a bird with your instructor on a tandem paraglider.

Paragliding Israel

Have you ever dreamed to fly?
See the world through the eyes of a bird?

Now you can get the closest experience to flying!


Levin Travel - Paragliding Israel invites you to one of its popular attractions - a Tandem Paragliding experience!


ALL of our pilots are certified licensed and have thousands of flight hours and more than six years of experience. At Levin Travel your safety is above all else.


Have an amazing flight at one of the paragliding locations:

you can enjoy a tandem paragliding flight with a panoramic view of the beautiful Mediterranean and the Crusaders’ fortress of Appolonia at Arsuf nature reserve, or fly in the northern region of Israel, enjoying the advantages of high altitude and the spectacular views up in the North, and even the Sea of Galilee, Or you can head to the lowest place on Earth - and enjoy the Dead Sea and its enchanting desert views.


No special skills required - just sit back, enjoy the view and the breeze!

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